Passiflora incarnate

or more commonly known as the Passion flower is used to help people when going through stressful times in the hospital.



Passion flower was originally used by the Aztecs as a sedative. It containts harmineHarmine was originally known as telepathine because of its peculiar ability to induce a contemplative state and mild euphoria. Later, during the World War the Germans used it as a "truth serum." The flower reminded early settlers of the passion of christ which hints the name passion flower.

above it is shown as a dried plant ready to be used in medicine

Usage In Medicine

Passion Flower is used in many ways to help people in their time of need in the hospital. It is used to help with depression, but that is not the main use. It is also used for calming before a surgery. Another use for it is insomnia. It was also used as a aid for pain. Mainly passion flower is used to help when people are in stressful situations causing medical issues.


  • The passion flower grows as a vine
  • Leaves are lobed and serrated
  • Its arrangement is alternate
  • The flower has five petals.
  • fruit is a smooth yellow ovate berry

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