GinsengPanax ginseng

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It is believed that ginseng was discovered in the mountains of Northern China (Manchuria) over 5000 years ago.Records, however, show that ginseng was used for medicinal purposes over 3,000 years ago. Old chinese medicine men were very fond of ginseng and its effects. In the 1700's native americans discovered ginseng and started shipping it to other countries. Wild Ginseng is known as "the plant that hides from man" because of its difficulty to grow and find.

Medicinal uses Ginseng has been known to increase physical and mental performance. other traits of ginseng are increased energy, and the resistence of stress and aging. Ginseng also can help you lower your blood sugar while increasing your good cholesterol. Ginseng has a safe record with rare side effects of nervousness and excitability. Ginseng is mostly in herbal medicines and even in some of your drinks and food.

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Ginseng is most easily identified by its thick fibrous taproot. The plant ginseng has green ovate leaves with serrated margins. The plant is also a perennial so it keeps coming back. The plant also fruits and grows small red berries in clusters.
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