Catharanthus roseus
Madagascar Periwinkle

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The Catharanthus roseus was first discovered in Madagascar. The juices from the plant leaves are used to help produce insulin for diabetic patients. This plant has been used for hundreds of years. The Catharanthus roseus is grown in almost any warm area. In Madagascar this plant was used to treat wasp stings and many other diseases. In Hawaii the Periwinkle was boiled and used to stop bleeding. The South Americans also used this as a cough remedy as well as many people in China.

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  • Smooth or slightly hairy, branched
  • 60 cm high
  • Stems somewhat woody
  • Leaves-oblong, 4-7 cm long, rounded at tip, pointed at base
  • Flowers-white, pink, or red, or variegated white and red, 3.5 cm in diameter
  • Fruit-hairy and cylindric follicle, about 3 cm long.
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