Allium sativum-

Also known as Garlic which is in the onion family. Garlic was originated in the Yunnan province of China. Early investigations found that garlic has cardiovascular benefits. It helps prevent high cholestoral, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure. It is also believed to help with cancer prevention. It helps extract inhibited vascular calcifcation in patients with high blood pressure. If you're looking for Allium sativum in the wild, you should look for a plant with a lightly colored base with spaced out nodes and few leaves.The plant is anywhere from 2-3 feet tall. What is used from garlic is the roots, which looks like a white ball. Garlic is known for causing halotosis (bad breath). When eating garlic, a gas called AMS is absorbed into the blood and travels to the lungs then causing the bad breath. Garlic is often called the stinking rose because of the bad smell when it is being cut open.
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